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Metal Barns

At Bargain Metal Buildings, we provide an alternative to traditional wooden barns with our cost-effective, low-maintenance metal barns. Our selection encompasses a variety of styles from classic barns to modern agricultural storage solutions, all designed to meet your needs. Each barn is constructed with durability in mind, ensuring they can handle tough weather and demanding farm use. Our custom options come with complimentary delivery and installation, making it easier than ever to integrate these robust structures into your residential, commercial, or agricultural property. With competitive pricing and flexible financing available, creating the perfect space for your livestock, equipment, or storage is accessible. Explore our customizable metal barns below or reach out to us for expert guidance on selecting the best metal barn for your needs.


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Our Metal Barns

Metal Barns

64x80x14 Vertical Roof Metal Barn With 12′ Wide Lean-To


Experience the perfect blend of functionality and durability with our 64x80x14 Metal Barn featuring a 12' Lean-To and Vertical Roof. This barn is designed to provide ample storage while ensuring maximum protection…

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Metal Barns

60X40X15 Vertical Roof Metal Barn With 12′ Wide Lean-To


The 60x40x15 vertical roof metal barn with 12' lean-to is an exceptional storage solution with its superior weather-resistant design and ample interior space. With dimensions of 60FT width, 40FT length, and 15FT…

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Vertical Roof Barns

60X100X14/10 Vertical Roof Metal Barn With 15′ Wide Lean-To


Discover the ultimate storage solution with the 60x100x14/10 Metal Barn with a 15' Lean-To and Vertical Roof. Crafted with high-quality 14-gauge galvanized steel, this barn offers a spacious 60 FT width and…

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Vertical Roof Barns

56X30X12/9 Vertical Roof Metal Barn With 12′ Wide Lean-To


Introducing the 56x30x12/9 vertical roof metal barn - your ultimate storage solution. This barn, crafted with 14 gauge galvanized steel and 29 gauge steel sheet metal, offers ample space for secure storage.…

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Metal Barns

54X40X12 Vertical Roof Metal Barn


The 54x40x12 Metal Barn with a vertical roof is your ultimate storage solution. With ample space for storing equipment, vehicles, or other valuables, this barn is crafted from 14-gauge galvanized steel, promising…

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Vertical Roof Barns

50X30X13 Vertical Roof Metal Barn


The 50x30x13 Metal Barn with a vertical roof is an all-encompassing solution for your storage and shelter requirements. Its spacious dimensions provide an abundance of room for storing equipment, vehicles, or supplies.…

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Vertical Roof Barns

48X50X13 Vertical Roof Metal Barns With 12′ Wide Lean-To


Meet our 48x50x13 Metal Barn with a 12' Lean-To and a Vertical Roof, your comprehensive storage solution. This spacious, durable structure, crafted from 14-gauge galvanized steel, is designed to protect your assets,…

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Boxed Eave Roof

48x30x11 Boxed Eave Roof Metal Barn With 12′ Wide Lean-To


Explore the spacious and sophisticated 48x30 ft metal building, expertly designed to accommodate 2 cars with a robust 14-gauge galvanized steel frame and a modern, customizable color palette of Pewter Grey and…

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Boxed Eave Roof

46x20x12 Boxed Eave Roof Metal Barn With 12′ Wide Lean-To


The 46x20x12 Metal Barn with 12' Lean-To is an ideal storage solution, offering durability, protection, and plenty of space. Its robust boxed eave roof, coupled with sturdy 14-gauge galvanized steel construction, ensures…

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Vertical Roof Barns

44X30X13/8 Vertical Roof Metal Barn


The 44x30x13/8 Vertical Roof Metal Barn offers the ultimate solution for all your storage needs. With its spacious 44ft width and 30ft length, you'll have ample room to store anything from vehicles…

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Types of Metal Barns

Metal barns serve many purposes, and their construction is designed so that the majority of the manufacturing occurs away from the building site. This makes it a relatively quick process for us to construct and plumb your building on-site.

A red horse barn with a white fence, surrounded by metal barns and bargain metal buildings.

Horse Barns

A metal barn is versatile and can be used for just a few animals or a large horse farm. Standard horse stalls are about 12×12 making it easy to configure your barn to perfectly accommodate your animals. Plus, our metal horse barns are built to be expandable so you can add more space in the future as your farm grows. 

Continuous Roof Barns

A prefabricated steel barn with a continuous roof is an excellent and eco-friendly choice for spaces like workshops or repair stations. This type of barn ensures that items inside, ranging from construction materials to farm produce, are kept safe from weather and environmental conditions.

A red metal garage with a garage door is the perfect addition to any property. Whether you need extra storage space for your vehicles, tools, or equipment, this durable structure provides ample room to
A bargain metal garage with two doors and a grassy area.

Ridgeline Barns

A ridgeline barn is ideal for a variety of uses, offering protection and safety for storing tools and machinery. We can customize a ridgeline barn to fit any size of tractor or harvesting equipment needed for everyday work. You can choose a ridgeline barn with secure, lockable roll-up doors, or opt for one with open sides that still shields from rain and snow.

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Metal Barn Financing

Bargain Metal Buildings makes acquiring and setting up your prefabricated metal building swift and effortless by providing multiple financial solutions. Our financing options make the already reasonably priced metal buildings even more attainable for home & business owners.

Whether you choose to purchase outright, choose the financing program or go with the rent-to-own plan, Bargain Metal Buildings prides itself on its commitment to assist each customer in finding the arrangement that best fits their individual needs and situation!

two tone metal building with leanto
A blue and orange building and a Metal Buildings.

Why buy at Bargain Metal Buildings

We are relentlessly focused on offering our clients the best customer service, best lead times, and best prices in the industry. All of our steel buildings are made in the United States, fully customizable, and have excellent warranties. 


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