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Clear Span Buildings

Clear-span buildings are versatile and cost-effective making them a great option for a wide variety of needs. These buildings are designed without internal, central support beams, providing lots of space inside the building. This building type is ideal for storing large farm equipment, planes, and just about any other need you can think of in both residential or commercial applications. The multipurpose usability and large internal space makes them different from many other building types.

Clear span buildings come in a variety of sizes including 30’, 40’, 50’, 60’, 70’, and 80+ feet. They’re affordable, built to last, extremely stable, offer ample space for any need, and are fully customizable. At Bargain Metal Buildings, we provide a variety of steel buildings including metal buildings, barns, sheds, garages, agricultural buildings, utility buildings, commercial, storage, large buildings and more.

All of our buildings are fully customizable to match your color and style preferences as well as your space and floor plan requirements. Whether you need extra space on your residential property or need a large building for your farm or commercial business, clear span buildings provide a good looking, durable, and affordable solution to nearly any need.

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Popular Clear Span Buildings

Commercial Metal Buildings

44X25X14/9 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building With 12 Wide Lean-To


Meet our robust 44x25x14/9 Metal Commercial Building with a 12' Lean-To and Vertical Roof, the epitome of spaciousness and durability. Crafted from 14-gauge galvanized steel, this building offers ample storage space and…

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Commercial Metal Buildings

40x70x9 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building


The 40x70x9 Metal Commercial Building is a standout solution for all your business needs. Constructed for durability, this building pairs unmatched strength with aesthetics, all thanks to its vertical roof design. Boasting…

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Commercial Metal Buildings

40x60x12 Vertical Roof Commercial Metal Building


Presenting the 40x60x12 Vertical Roof Commercial Metal Building, a high-quality commercial-grade structure designed to withstand harsh conditions. Measuring a generous 40 feet in width, 60 feet in length with an eave height…

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Commercial Metal Buildings

40x60x12 Vertical Roof Commercial Building


Introducing our robust 40x60x12 Vertical Roof Commercial Metal Building, a versatile space solution perfect for any business. Built with premium 14-gauge galvanized steel, this commercial-grade building offers durability and resistance against harsh…

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Commercial Metal Buildings

40x60x11 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building


Meet your business needs with the robust 40x60x11 Metal Commercial Building. Crafted with 14-gauge galvanized steel, this building is the epitome of durability and strength. Its spacious interior, complete with a 10'…

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Commercial Metal Buildings

40x50x16 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building


Discover the 40x50x16 Metal Commercial Building, your ultimate solution for business needs. Crafted with 14-gauge galvanized Steel, this durable building offers unmatched strength and longevity, perfect for storage or workshop use. The…

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Commercial Metal Buildings

40x40x13 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building


Introducing the 40x40x13 Metal Commercial Building - the ultimate blend of style, durability, and functionality. This building, with a 14-gauge galvanized Steel frame and vertical roof design, offers superior protection against harsh…

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Commercial Metal Buildings

40X30X12 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building


Experience the ultimate fusion of functionality and durability with the 40x30x12 Metal Commercial Building. This robust structure, crafted from 14-gauge galvanized steel, is designed with a vertical roof for exceptional weather resistance.…

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Commercial Metal Buildings

40x200x12 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building


Discover our robust 40x200x12 Metal Commercial Building with an attractive vertical roof design. Crafted for businesses seeking versatility, this metal building promises durability and exceptional performance. The vertical roof design safeguards your…

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Commercial Metal Buildings

40x100x12 Vertical Roof Commercial Metal Building


Our 40x100x12 Vertical Roof Commercial Metal Building is a powerhouse when it comes to durability and versatility. This behemoth of a building, made with 14-gauge galvanized steel and 29-gauge steel sheet metal,…

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Chances are that you’ve been inside of a clear span metal building before. These building are often used for everything from airplane hangars to CrossFit gyms. The inside of the building does not have the central support columns getting in the way which provides you with wide open floorpans. Here are some of the more popular uses for these buildings.

40X70X9 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building


Many businesses need extra storage space for vehicles, inventory, and overflow workspace. Clear span buildings offer a great solution for many business needs. 


Clear span buildings work great for residential applications. Whether you’re tired of paying for storage units and want to own your space, need a workshop, or simply want to store your yard tools, these buildings are a perfect fit for many properties. 

40X60X11 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building
40X200X12 Vertical Roof Metal Commercial Building


Clear span metal buildings are an ideal solution for storing your commercial/industrial equipment, materials, for overflow workspace, and more. These durable buildings offer a way to quickly and affordably expand your work and storage space providing you a way to keep your expensive equipment safe from the elements and from people who might inflict damage on your property. They look great, last a long time, and don’t require lengthy build times.


Whether you’re storing hay, crops, or large tractors and other farm equipment, clear span buildings offer the perfect solution. With easy access, large entryways, and the ability to maneuver within the building without columns getting in the way, these highly-durable buildings are both affordable and can be constructed quickly on site.

40X100X12 Vertical Roof Commercial Metal Building

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Fully Customizable Clear Span Buildings

Choosing a fully customizable clear span building from Bargain Metal Buildings offers a multitude of benefits. With a clear-span design, these buildings provide a spacious interior without the need for interior support columns, allowing for maximum flexibility in layout and utilization of space. The ability to fully customize the building ensures that it meets the specific needs and requirements of any project. Whether it’s for commercial, industrial, or agricultural purposes, Bargain Metal Buildings offers a wide range of options in terms of size, design, and features. From choosing the dimensions and roof style to adding windows, doors, insulation, and ventilation systems, every aspect of the building can be tailored to suit your individual preferences. By opting for a fully customizable clear-span building, you can create a structure that perfectly matches your vision and serves your unique needs.

Cost of Clear Span Buildings

The cost of a clear-span metal building can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the size of the building, the complexity of the design, the location where it will be constructed, the materials used, and any additional features or customization options chosen. As a general rule, they start around $4,000 and go up from there. 

Bargain Metal Buildings offers the best pricing on clear-span buildings, ensuring that customers get the best value for their investment. To get an exact estimate of the cost for your project, contact Bargain Metal Buildings directly and provide our friendly team with the specific requirements and details of your project. Our team of experts will be able to provide a detailed quote based on the specs and requirements of your project. Keep in mind that while price is an important consideration, its equally important to prioritize quality and durability to ensure a long-lasting and reliable structure. At Bargain Metal Buildings we work hard to deliver the best pricing and quality to every one of our customers, making us a trusted choice for those seeking a quality clear-span building. 

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