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Bargain Metal Buildings is a top-tier supplier of a wide variety of metal carports throughout the United States. Our steel carports come in a variety of styles including regular roof carports, A-frame roof carports, vertical roof carports, one-car carports, two-car carports, three-car carports, four-car carports, RV carports, and much more. Call us now to speak with one of our friendly customer service experts who can help you find the right metal carport for your home and budget.

Many people are turning to metal carports instead of wood to keep their cars shielded from the elements and add some additional storage space to their homes. This is especially popular with owners who also own a boat or RV that they want to safely store out of the elements as well. Metal carports are an affordable, durable way to safely store your vehicles.

Steel carports have become the first choice most homeowners make when they need extra storage space. Metal carports add value to your home and are fully customizable to match the design of your home or property. Shop our website to review the many available options or give us a call to speak with a friendly expert who can help you choose the right size, materials, colors, and financing for your new carport.


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Our Metal Carports

Vertical Roof Barns

42X40X14/11 Vertical Roof Barn With 12′ Wide Lean-To


Meet our 42x40x14/11 Vertical Roof Metal Barn. This spacious storage solution features a vertical roof design for efficient water and snow runoff, a sturdy 14-gauge galvanized steel frame, and a 12' lean-to…

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42x40x13/10 Vertical Roof Carport


The 42x40x13/10 customizable metal building is forged with 14-gauge galvanized steel and a resilient 29-gauge steel Vertical Roof. Tailored to suit diverse applications, this structure ensures a sturdy, spacious, and sustainable solution…

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Vertical Roof Barns

42x35x14/10 Vertical Roof Metal Barn With 12′ Wide Lean-To


The 42x35x14/10 vertical roof metal barn with a 12' lean-to is an exceptional storage solution. Crafted with superior protection in mind, this barn stands strong against harsh weather conditions, thanks to its…

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Custom Metal Barn

42x30x12 Custom Metal Barn


Meet our 42x30x12x8 custom metal barn - a versatile, durable, and customizable solution for all your storage and workshop needs. This barn, with a regular roof design for efficient water runoff, offers…

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36x30x9/6 Vertical Roof Metal Carport With 12′ Wide Lean-To


Meet our 36x30x9/6 metal carport with a 12' lean-to and vertical roof, a robust and reliable solution designed to shield your cherished vehicles and outdoor gear from harsh weather conditions. This carport,…

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Metal Barns

36x25x12 Boxed Eave Roof Metal Barn With 12′ Wide Lean-To


The 36x25x12 metal carport/barn with 12' Lean-To is a versatile storage solution, offering a sturdy boxed eave roof and ample space for vehicles, equipment, or a workshop. With a 14 gauge galvanized…

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32x30x12 Vertical Roof Commercial Grade Carport


Meet our 32x30x12 Commercial Grade Carport. This vertical roof powerhouse is the perfect cover for your vehicles under any weather conditions. Built with high-quality materials and a 14-gauge galvanized steel frame, it's…

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32x25x9/6 Vertical Roof Metal Carport


Meet our durable and aesthetically vibrant 32x25 carport, designed to offer superior protection for your vehicle. With a sturdy vertical roof design and high-quality metal construction, this carport safeguards your car, truck,…

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Metal Barns

32x20x12/8 Vertical Roof Metal Barn With 10′ Wide Lean-To


Meet the 32x20x12/8 vertical roof metal barn with a 10' lean-to, your ultimate storage and shelter solution. With its robust vertical roof design, this barn is built for strength and longevity. It…

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30x30x10 Vertical Roof Metal Carport


Introducing the 30x30x10 vertical roof metal carport, your complete vehicle protection solution. This carport, crafted with a durable vertical roof design, offers maximum strength and style. Its spacious dimensions provide ample room…

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Metal Carport Types

A metal building with a blue roof is housing a RV.

What is a metal carport?

Unlike a standard garage which is entirely closed in by walls and has a large entry door (garage door), carports are usually semi covered on the back and sides with a metal or fabric roof. Metal carports are a more affordable option than garages because they don’t have the fully enclosed side or garage door addition.

Metal carports can be used for:

  • Covering large vehicles like cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and farm equipment.
  • Smaller vehicles such as ATV’s, UTV’s, lawn mowers, etc.
  • They can create a sheltered area over a deck or patio
  • They can be used as an outdoor workshop at your home or business
  • They can be used for a DIY space outdoors

Bargain Metal Buildings metal carports are popular options for those who live in trailer homes, tight property lines, and those with limited space. It’s also a poplar option to anchor the carport to the side of their homes for an attached storage structure or outdoor patio/lounging area.

Regular roof metal carports

Regular roof style metal carports are the most affordable option and way to store your vehicles. They can be made as long as 36’ in length and offer a wide variety of uses. The regular roof carport style is the original, classic metal carport design and has been around for more than 24 years. They’re proven to be a great option and add value and curb appeal to your home.

Regular carports have a curved style roof that’s unique and the panels on the roof run from front to back. This allows rain water, snow, and other debris to easily travel down and off of the roof sides. These are a great option if you’re on a budget as well.

18x35x12 Regular Roof Metal Carport
20x25 boxed eave carport

Boxed eave metal carports

Boxed eave roof carports have a well known A-frame design with roof panels that run from front to back, allowing rainwater and debris to easily travel off the sides of the roof. These carports can be made as long as 36’ providing ample storage for a wide variety of needs.

Our boxed eave metal carports are built to provide durable, safe coverage for your vehicles and items while maintaining a very nice aesthetic look that adds value and curb appeal to your home.

Vertical roof metal carports

Vertical roof metal carports are the strongest, most durable roof style available. These panels are placed in a vertical orientation starting from the top (peak) and ending at the eaves/sides of the roof. These are very attractive carports that do an excellent job of shedding rainwater, snow and debris.

Vertical roof style carports can be customized in terms of size, color, and additional features to meet your specific needs and preferences. This style of carport also requires the most modern design that requires less maintenance and tend to last the longest of all styles.

12X30X12 Vertical Roof Metal Carport

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20X30X9 Vertical Roof Metal Combo Unit
20X30X8 Vertical Roof Metal Combo Unit
A blue and orange building and a Metal Buildings.

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