Metal Building Colors: How to Choose Exterior Color Schemes

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Looking to level up your next construction project with both functionality and style? You can unlock the vibrant selection of colors from our exterior metal building color schemes. We will discover how you can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your next construction project by selecting from a diverse array of vibrant metal building colors. 

Let’s explore the exciting possibilities of customizing your building’s color scheme. From sagebrush tan with evergreen trim to rustic red with pristine white, Bargain Metal Buildings has all the color palettes to match your desired color scheme.

Quality Standard Palette of Metal Building Colors

3D rendering of a large red and white metal shed with white garage doors, under a clear sky, alongside an interface for customizing exterior metal building color schemes.

The standard palette of metal building colors typically includes various options to suit various architectural styles. These colors are divided into two neutral, bright, and dark shades. 

Bargain Metal Buildings offers all these colors to give your building a clean and sophisticated look. Polar white, for instance, provides a crisp and modern appearance, while slate gray adds depth. On the other hand, Desert sand offers warmth and rustic charm that bends natural and urban landscapes. Let’s discuss each shade in detail.

Neutral Color

Choosing a neutral palette is particularly advantageous when you aim for a classic, timeless aesthetic. These colors won’t go out of style. Neutral colors provide a neutral backdrop that allows architectural details or landscaping features to stand out. 

You can opt for these options, especially if your area has strict regulations over exterior color choices. A neutral shade can ensure compliance while still maintaining an attractive appearance. A neutral palette includes white, beige, gray, taupe, olive, cream, and more subtle shades of black.

Bright color

You can opt for a bold, eye-catching color scheme that draws attention to your building. These colors are more suitable for commercial sites or complement the existing color of your home’s roof. 

They add an intriguing visual element that aligns with your property’s aesthetic. However, you must recognize that bold colors fade faster than lighter or neutral tones. While metal paint boasts durability, periodic maintenance with a fresh coat of paint is necessary to uphold your custom metal structure’s appearance over time.

If you select bold colors, applying a clear top coat is an excellent protective measure to uphold the vibrancy of the paint for an extended period. Some standout choices from our bright color chart include patriot red, Sunbird Yellow, Royal Blue, Bright Orange, and Lime Green.

Dark Color

Darker shades are widely used for garage and backyard spaces. A gray metal building with black trim presents an unbeatable color scheme. It reflects a polished exterior and radiates brightly under the sunlight. Another famous tone includes Earth Brown metal building. It is the best choice if your house has wooded surroundings. Countryside houses can opt for this color.

One favored option for metal building siding is Slate Blue. The building features Quaker Gray trim, which creates a harmonious contrast against the blue exterior. Ash Gray, Burnished Slate, Light Stone, Saddle Tan, Hunter Green, Koko Brown, Charcoal Gray, and Hawaiian Blue are also available.

Types of Metal Building Colors

Graphic showing popular exterior metal building color schemes with labeled circles: evergreen & clay, evergreen & white, black & white, black & gray, red & white, red & rawhide, gray

It may come as a surprise to many that metal buildings offer a variety of color options for both their interior and exterior surfaces. Here are some common color combinations to consider for your metal building:

High Contrast Combinations Using Standard Colors

Bold color combinations create a striking visual impact. Bargain Metal Buildings often achieve that by pairing a dark rooftop with light paneling. However, the reverse trend, featuring light rooftops and dark paneling, is also gaining popularity. 

The high-contrast style draws inspiration from traditional architectural styles such as Farmhouse, Colonial, Georgian, and Spanish/Mediterranean designs. Examples include Crimson Red – Polar White, Cobalt Blue – Bone White, and Hunter Green – Desert Sand.

Low Contrast Combinations Using Custom Colors

Low-contrast color schemes offer a lot of scope for experimentation. We make sure to create a harmonious aesthetic with subtle transitions between colors. If you customize the color palette precisely, the shades can maintain a similar level of lightness or darkness. This style is prevalent in architectural designs such as Modern, Southwestern, and Bungalow.

We suggest our client’s colors within the same spectrum in tone-on-tone themes. The outcome is a tranquil, understated appearance seamlessly integrating with the surroundings.

A few combinations include Black – Charcoal Gray, Ash Gray – Light Stone, and Brown – Copper.

Metallic Finishes

Now that we’ve understood the types of colors and contrast combinations let us focus on finishing. Metallic finishes are the most appropriate choice to give a final touch to your metal building. However, all finishes are not the same. Here are a few types you must know:


A matte finish is ideal for achieving your property’s smooth and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


For those seeking a touch of sophistication, glossy finishes offer a hint of glitter and shine without being overpowering.


Textured finishes add depth to your property or structure. They create a dramatic design for a more organic look.


Incorporating a hammered finish introduces a rugged texture. It evokes rustic charm that’s particularly well-suited for commercial spaces.

How to Choose Color Schemes for Your Exterior Metal Building

When you choose color schemes for your exterior metal building, consider several factors to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing design. Begin by assessing the surrounding environment, including the landscape, neighboring buildings, and architectural elements. 

We have given you all the options per region, combinations, and surroundings. Above all, we want you to choose something you truly love. We’re here to help you pick a metal building kit that fills you with excitement and brings you joy whenever you gaze upon your building,

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