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24x20x7 Vertical Roof Metal Carport

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Sleek 24 FT x 20 FT metal carport, designed with a 7 FT eave height for 2 car capacity. Made with robust 14-gauge galvanized steel, it features a white vertical roof, white sides, and contrasting black trim, all reinforced with 29-gauge steel and Beckers Paint. Held up by a solid 2.5″ square tube frame, with customizable color options to suit your style.

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A 28X40X10 Vertical Roof Metal Garage measuring 28x40x10, featuring two garage doors.
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About This Building 

Our 24 FT x 20 FT metal carport is a blend of minimalist aesthetics and unrivaled utility. At a cozy 7 FT eave height, this compact structure is perfectly calibrated to comfortably accommodate two cars, protecting them from external elements. Its foundational integrity is derived from a robust 14-gauge galvanized steel frame, ensuring that the building remains stable under any conditions.

The roof, clothed in a pristine white hue, adopts the vertical design and is meticulously fashioned from premium 29-gauge steel. To ensure this immaculate white maintains its vibrancy over the years, the Beckers Paint 20 YR Chalk & Fade system is utilized, offering protection against natural wear and fading. Complementing the roof’s sheen, the sheet metal displays a pronounced 3/4″ Tall, AG PANEL Ribbed profile at 9″ OC, reinforcing the carport’s durability.

The sides and ends mirror the roof’s pure white, while the trim adds a touch of contrast in a bold black. Anchoring this elegant structure is the sturdy tubular frame, typically designed as a 2.5″ square tube. While the chosen color palette is a study in contrast and harmony, there’s always room to customize the colors to reflect your distinct aesthetic touch.


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